Once there was two boys called Sam and Lennon. They were best friends  they lived next to each other  they wanted to go to the zoo but there mum said “NO ITS NEARLY YOUR BIRTHDAY SAM”. And then they just played outside in the forrest . They saw a police man walking in the forrest with a dog and a boy with handcuffs. and a police with a taser walking in front they took the baddy  to the police station there was a tiger there .it escaped and never came back it killed lots of people and then Lennon and Sam had a sleep dart  they shoot it at the tiger………………!!

One thought on “THE LOOSE TIGER”

  1. Hi Adam,
    One thing like about your piece is all the details and how it was almost Sam’s birthday. One thing you had to add was the part where you say “…the tiger was blocking our escape…” Did you know that I was looking over the couch and saw my dad watching the news and there was a tiger on the loose? Have you acutely been to a zoo before? Also, what is your favorite animal.
    From, Bo in Illinois
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