The lost thing

Once there was a man called Zak and he had a wife called Milly. She said “do you want to go for a walk at the park” Zak said”yes why not “. So they did. They¬†packed a pick Nick and they shot of in the car in 1 hour. And Zak lost a thing that he got for a wedding it was a silver thing it is round and it has Roman numerals on the in side of the thing and gold on the in side. He was crying for a long time and they went home and they found the thing and they were very happy

3 thoughts on “The lost thing”

  1. Hi Adam! It’s Ryan from Illinois!
    I really enjoyed reading your piece. Was Zak’s precious item his wedding ring? Or was it a item that he got from Rome? Anyways, I thought your piece was awesome. Next time, try looking over your piece and fix any misplaced punctuation. Read Write is a app for your device. It helps me correct my spelling.

    Happy Writing!!
    ~Ryan from Illinois~

    1. Check my blog out! -

      Sorry, made a reply
      ~Ryan again~

  2. Hi Adam! Your writing was very interesting and I really like how you made your story like a real life story and not just a descriptive story. That was very creative for you to do!

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