The lost watch

One day there was a girl called Alexa and she had a very smart watch. Alexa was walking in the park and she accidently tripped over the drain and her watch fell down the drainpipe so Alexa remembered that she had a shrinking poison so she drank it and she shrunk. So she went down into the drain and the watch slowly came down the drain pipe.So Alexa finally caught it and she then climbed up the pipe with the watch and drank another poison  witch was normal size and then she became normal again that is the story of the watch .

2 thoughts on “The lost watch”

  1. Good work! I like the creative way you made it be about shrinking then growing to be normal sized. I also like the way you included a drainpipe. Did you mean to put potion instead of poison?

  2. Amelia that was amazing I bet when she went down the drain pipe it must of been dirty.

    From Nicola M :]

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