The Magical Forest

“Once in a galaxy FAR, FAR away-.”  “CUT!” Screamed the director “we are filming a magical forest! NOT A STAR WARS MOVIE!” “OK, OK,” I said “I will start. OK.” Once in a land in the beginning of time there was a magical land full time full beautiful plants and creatures, like snow topped mushrooms and delicate flowers. Or little woozles and graceful birds darting around the trees or wooshing through the skies like a silent bi plane. But among all these glorious things there were vile things, like a thing called MUK or GARBODOR or-.” “CUT.” The audience will lap it up EXCELLENT work.” Exclaimed the director.

One thought on “The Magical Forest”

  1. Dear Adam,
    I really like your blog for this week! Your stories are always so unique and creative. I loved the begining of the story. Also, I like you use all capital letters for some of the words to show the reader that the word is important. Great Job on your blog!

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