The man who went for a walk.

One day a man woke and said its been raining all morning. Its 4 o’clock why can’t it stop raining.The man’s name was jake.Jake was stuck in the house because it started to snow and it was blocking the doors and windows.Jake herd something it sounded like someone banging on the door with a bat.The door was braking so he hid in the wardrobe the person came in and thank god said jake i have my phone he called the police straight  away and they did not come in time the person ran upstairs because jake dropped his phone and the person came in the wardrobe and jake was never seen again.

One thought on “The man who went for a walk.”

  1. Good work Romarn! I especially liked the part about Jake disappearing at the end. Next time perhaps you could check your spelling. Keep up the good work.

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