The Massive Wave

One day a girl called Frankie was at the beach. It was a bright sunny day. Frankie had taken a picnic with her and she was planning to go and get an ice-cream. Just before Frankie went to go and get an ice-cream, There was a loud shriek from the beach. Frankie looked at the sea and saw a massive wave about to crash on the people standing there. The one thing Frankie didn’t realise is that her younger sister was standing there. Now she really wished that she had texted her younger sister to see were she was. The last piece of artwork that Frankie did was RIP Veronica.

One thought on “The Massive Wave”

  1. Wow, Natalie! That was quite a suspenseful story! It was a clever idea to end it without clearly describing Veronica’s death, but still portraying that message to the reader. Fantastic work!

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