The Missing Parcel!

It is 6 in the morning and I ordered a parcel 6 days ago and it still hasn’t come. I think this means a trip to the Sorting Office!

“Hi, I ordered a parcel 6 days ago and it hasn’t come. My name is Merabella” I said

” Hmmm. This is weird, the people who had got your order said that they had delivered it to your house!” The lady said

” When did it arrive?” I said

Back at my house I looked everywhere. I crawled around. I walked. I tried to be a duck! But whatever I did I couldn’t find the parcel”

3 thoughts on “The Missing Parcel!”

  1. Hi Nia, great story I’d like the way you put more detail in there and great punctuation!

    Well Done Nia!

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