The MLG sunglasses

Once there was a man called Ben he always wore flaming sunglasses. He went swimming with his friend. They got changed and because he always were’s his glasses all the time he forgot to take them of when they got home he forget his sunglasses he was crying. Tomorrow we will find your sunglasses. The next day he was wereng a white top they shoot of to the pool they looked every were but they couldn’t find the sunglasses eany were but what he could find was a trail of fire it lead to a house he noked on the door and found his sunglasses on the floor when he got home they celebrated.




One thought on “The MLG sunglasses”

  1. Hi Adam
    I think that this 100wc was from last week’s prompt, this week had a photo of some mysterious shoppers.
    You have certainly been very imaginative and creative in your writing this week, I was intrigued by the flaming glasses, I am hoping that they were a bright colour and not actually made of flames!
    Miss T Team 100wc
    Hampshire, England

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