The Mysterious Tea Pot

One day I was just walking along the fresh, lush grass when I saw this!? It was a really nice, quality tea pot stuck in the brown, filthy mud! ‘Poor tea pot,’ I thought ‘it must fell really miserable and lonely out here! So without thought I ran back home, tripped over my front door, quickly got a shovel and I was out again. But I was so sad when I got there, because instead of a tea pot there was a little Guinea Pig! So now, I look back at that unfortunate day  (with my Guinea Pig), I say to myself, ‘now what if I just pulled it out?’


3 thoughts on “The Mysterious Tea Pot”

  1. Nice post Adam! I like the foreshadowing you used at the end of your story. I also like how you referred to your real life with your guinea pig. That was a cool feature I don’t think you have ever done! Nice job.

    1. Adam,
      Great work! I really liked how you ended your story with foreshadowing. I think it added to the suspense. The creativity that you used was also great. Maybe you should consider writing a sequel to this story. That would be so cool!
      Eesha P

  2. Dear Adam,
    I really enjoyed reading your post. It was very interesting. I noticed that all of your stories are always so creative; especially this one. You used amazing vivid vocabulary like lush. It makes the post sound so much better. I love the ending and I like how the narrator took the guinea pig home. Great Job!

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