The Mystery Chunk Of Bones

Boom there was a sudden back something just hit the atmosphere.  As quick as a flash the Police the Ambulance and the fireman was there to discover what has happened.  It turned out to be a meteor but it wasn’t just any normal meteor it was a meteor made out of bones. But the next day it was put in the museum and other one thousand people came just to see it.  I was the first person to actually see it crash down it made a medium sized hole.  At first i was thinking oh my gosh now it’s amazing

One thought on “The Mystery Chunk Of Bones”

  1. Hi Aiden,
    I enjoyed reading your story this week.
    I love your imagination! A meteor of bones!
    I’d say it was amazing to watch it land.
    I’m glad no one seemed to have been injured.

    Keep up the good work.
    Mrs Boyce
    Team 100W

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