The Mystory Box

hi my name is Bob, and I like playing fortnite  and. I heard the door slam  so I went to see what is was and it was a box .I waited until my mum got back and she said “when did it arrive?”she said it arrive just after you  left and it feels disepiring and reapiring. What should we do With it then? We should destroy  it and so they did. they tried and tried but I would not move an we asked my dad if he could but it only moved a little bit so we all did it and it moved on the road.

The End

3 thoughts on “The Mystory Box”

  1. Hey Sam, I play fortnite too, still you need capital letters for Bob and Hi my name is Bob.
    Seriously, you made me laugh at the first place, your story is incredible!

    Well done Sam!

  2. Hi Sam,
    Great story the only things that you need to correct are your spellings and genuinely just making your stories make sense. Apart from that it’s a great story

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