The new playground!

We got a new piece of the playground, it was so scary it was a spider! Every one was petrified of it, one kid fell of while on it. It was huge,it looked real and had looked as if had spun a web. Every one shouted “eeeeeeekkkkk” when they touched it. Eventually it was not scary anymore so we all went on and no one screamed but it came alive! It ate me but it spat me out “yuk” I shouted! They got rid of it and the children talked about it “I still feel slimy” i told my friend!

2 thoughts on “The new playground!”

  1. Great job!! my name is ryan kuk from guilderland elementary school. i like your beginning how you described how you felt and what it looked like.

  2. Hi, Olivia. I’m Annabelle from New York state. What I like about your piece is that you included what other kids were doing in your piece. May I suggest that you add more detail about what you thought. Anyway you a great job!

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