The Next Top Cheese-Maker

During my time in the Culinary College, I have had a career changing experience! We were trying out different cheese recipes for our ‘Who’s Cheese Is The Best’ challenge. I was going to try and recreate my Mum’s famous ‘Goat’s Cheese’. It was a tricky recipe, but I had courage! The machines that day were a bit dodgy, but they still worked. Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress! We were being timed, we had two minutes left! I was in a hurry, my cheese was not done yet, if I didn’t win this challenge, my cheese-making times would be over! Luckily, it finished in time, so I was saved! The judges came round with their forks and honey. I was up first. The judges all took a large bite of my ‘Goat’s Cheese’. They had a straight face until the end of the judging. The next day, they had came up with a winner. “And the next most well known cheese-makerĀ is…”.

2 thoughts on “The Next Top Cheese-Maker”

  1. Nice job Chloe. I really liked how you used a lot of detail. I also liked how you said that you were making this cheese for a competition. Is this cheese you made in the story real? Or did you make it up?

  2. Hi Chloe!
    I really liked your piece! I really liked the part where you ended in suspension! Who won the contest? If I wrote about this, I would write about two teenagers running away from something that was barreling after them… One thing that would make your writing even better would be to add more verbs.

    -Brynn in Illinois

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