The Octopus

In the beginning…I came back from school and when I got home I saw two people destroying the wall downstairs. I asked my mum what they were doing. My mum said ” they are destroying the wall so the tank for the octopus can go there “. I shouted “REALLY!”. Then I went to go and tell Sienna, she couldn’t believe it. Then she came and looked for herself, it really noisy. The next week for the tank to be full. On Saturday there was a parcel at the door know one knew what it was the sand and rock it took a day for the sand to sink down and the just fell down and now we have got the octopus!




One thought on “The Octopus”

  1. Dear Amelia,

    You did an awesome job! It must have been very exciting to get an octopus. I would just say that you misplaced some words, like know and now, and that you missed just a few punctuation marks. But other than those, you did an incredible job. Did you actually get an octopus for a pet? If you did, you must tell me about it. I don’t even have a pet.

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