The Outside Museum!

One day, we went to a outside museum in Cambridge. It was a museum of statues made out of tree’s and some were made out of stone. My mum said “there are also small statues made out of sweets and you get to take them home to keep forever unless you eat them”. When we got there we each got a wrist band that we had to wear to  so we could see the statues. The first statue we saw was lots of statues together made out of sticks. Then we went to see some knights made out of stone.


One thought on “The Outside Museum!”

  1. Hi Amelia! That must’ve been a very interesting day. I would love to look at cool statues. I really liked how you use your quotation marks. Just remember to make a new paragraph when the person who is talking changes. For example,

    I really like pizza. They are really delicious, and scrumptious.

    “I like them too!” Mother said.

    Anyways, you did an amazing job!

    P.S. Which statue did you like the best?

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