The Penguin and the boys best advnture

One day there was who woke up and heared some nocking at the door I went down and there was a penguin at my doorstep. And then when I went back into my home and all he done was just followed me I thourght to myself and said to the little penguin what are you doing at my door step. The penguin didn’t answer back but what the little boy new he was looking for a friend and he had come to the perfect place to find a friend. We went on so many adventures together we went to the park, we  went bowing and we went to the sea side. And we had the best of days together


One thought on “The Penguin and the boys best advnture”

  1. Hi Alfie! I thought your story was great. I think it would be amazing to have a penguin as a friend. I love penguins by the way. 🐧

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