The Professor

there was once a professor  called professor  purple  twisted . He taught  a crocodile.   call sb short  for  scaly back this croc was a real fears croc. And was not to smart the professor was a really  bad professor .One day sb tried  to scare the professor  he got his little  gan together an they planed a plan . They got a slime gun and loaded  it with slime .They are ready . They are loaded they went to the professors office hid in his cubood and when he came in woooooooooooosh he got squtid in the fase  and that was the last we evver herd of agrn

3 thoughts on “The Professor”

  1. I think it an amazing story but I think you forgot a couple of capital letters so remember them next time.

  2. Hello William this story just looks good because of the texture of writing.
    Look out for punctuation though.

    James W

  3. William, your story was full of suspense and action! I enjoyed reading about how the characters in your story carefully developed and acted out their daring plan. Keep blogging!

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