The red snake

This is about a red snake, the snake has a small head and blue beautiful eyes that you’ll ever seen. The snake slithered the town in London people in the shops and little kids walking with their family,the snake quickly slithered on a bin to look at some rubbish. The snakes parents are at home looking for the other snake, the red snake slithered to it’s home and sniffed if his parents are home but they are they actually are. If I saw a snake for an example I’ll get scared maybe because I am scared of snakes but if you see one just find it a home or look for a pet shop.

But I don’t do it because it’s too creepy,but I wish I could help the red snake.


4 thoughts on “The red snake”

  1. Hey Reena! I’m not scared of snakes so I don’t know your struggles. I try to pick up snakes. If the snake is poisonous I don’t go near it! Have you ever seen a snake?

  2. Hi Reena! I like your post. one thing that I didn’t understand was when you said “but they are there actually are”. Other that it was good. Maybe you could ad the reactions of the people in London. Also I loved the details that you put of the snake going across London.

    Happy writing Jack in Illinois

    1. hi reena i loved your story it is really funny how the snake has a small head it is really good:I LOVE SNAKES!!!!

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