the red snake

Once upon a time there was a red snake who liked eating clocks (they were his favourite). But every morning he eat is alarm clock so he would not get up and it cycled and cycled and cycled until one day he found a clock so he  took it home. Once he got home he started eating the clock but it didn’t break so he tried agin and again and again but it wouldn’t budge. He tried again before bed but it did not budge. The next day he tried dropping it of a tree and it worked.


3 thoughts on “the red snake”

  1. Hi Mattis, I liked your story about not giving up and I think it is a good lesson to be learned. You really showed the struggle of the snake and how hard he tried to break it. Great job!

  2. Hi,Mattis Im Græme I Like your story you should make the sentences make sense. “but every morning He eat his alarm clock ” He eat, that does not make sense did you mean ate. I like the lesson you teach with never give up. Did you know that snakes can actually climb trees! Respond to me at

  3. I like the part that the snake is so persistent! The part about eating the alarm reminds me of myself though 😀 Keep it up – great job!

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