The red snake

One day there was a snake which was coloured red and her owner was called chloe smith.She escaped from her cage and was in trouble and while she escaped she knocked the clock of the wall.Before this story started she was locked up tight in her cage .She was left alone once and her owner Chloe went for a cycle around the park for fresh air for an hour.But when she got back she was gone !!!

3 thoughts on “The red snake”

  1. Amelia,I’m serious your story is fantastic and I liked it when you called the red snake Chloe Smith also good punctuation but all you need to do is put a capital letter for Chloe Smith remember it’s an noun a naming word!

    Well done Amelia!

  2. Good work! I like the way that you stated the owners name. Good work using all of the 5 words good. Do not forget to insert a space after ending a sentence. Also, where did the snake go? Did Chloe find the snake? Keep up the good work!

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