The Robot Dog

This is another story about Professor Jenkins…

Once upon a time, Professor Jenkins was in his lab pondering on all the things he wanted. In his mind, he thought about getting a dog- one of the top things he wanted- but they were to  much to look after. Then Professor Jenkins had an idea. “I am going to build a robot dog!”exclaimed Professor Jenkins. So he started to build a white, sandwich battery powered dog!

After 2 weeks, Professor Jenkins had finished. He thought his dog was perfect though he needed a collar. He hurried to the pet shop and brought a collar for his new robotic dog. The dog was very energetic and could barley get to sleep that night.

To be continued

2 thoughts on “The Robot Dog”

  1. Dear James,
    I thought you had a creative twist to the prompt this week. I wouldn’t have thought about using the five words to make a story about a robotic dog. I also thought that it was cool how Professor Jenkins could build the dog himself. I also like how that almost every week you make something to continue on a previous story. Really good job this week!

    – Maya E.

  2. Hi James! You did a great job remembering to have Professor Jenkins in the story because it feels like I’ve been waiting forever for him to be in a story again. Overall, I really liked your post.

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