I was on the playground,and I saw a ufo I thought what is that real? So I went over and this metal, silver robot came out, “ahhhh” I screamed. “Greetings humans of earth” said the robot “i’m not going to hurt you”, so we were friends. Then we went into the ufo and got launched up into space it was so cool there I decided I would play for a while. I met his mum, dad, and sister. We played it I won all games of it I really liked it there he begged me to stay so I said…….

One thought on “THE ROBOT IN A UFO!!!!!”

  1. Hi Olivia,
    I like how you left your reader hanging. I also liked how you sprinkled in some dialogue to make your piece more interesting.
    🙂 Mrs. Wlazlo in NY

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