The Sandwich Battery

The sandwich battery was a strange thing. When there was leftovers of sandwiches you would put your battery in there and ,BINGO, there was your sandwich. The battery was white it was basically a robot except it ran like a human. It was very energetic because it ran to charge up it also ran round the street in a hurried expression. It loved eating to it ate salad and vegetables so it was very healthy, except it was to healthy that it was starting to die down! So it started having a balanced diet and it started living a normal life again.


2 thoughts on “The Sandwich Battery”

  1. Well Done Adam I really liked your story I liked how you put to charge it up it had to run great story Adam !!!!

  2. Dear Adam,
    I really liked your story. I have never ever heard of a sandwich battery, so is thought it wa a very good idea. This piece was so creative, I many people don’t have the ability to be creative in their writing. Good Job!
    Eesha P. (MR School, Grade 5, Orland Park, IL)

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