THE SCARY MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One day there was a movie called red raker which was released and it became the number one scariest movie in the world.One day two brave boys decided to watch it but it didn’t work they fell asleep and had a horrible nightmare about it.The movie was about a person who wandered round the street and broke your door and stole everything in your house.Their nightmare was about the man came into their house but it wasn’t a dream it came down the drainpipe it went in my room and hid under the bed because the police came to catch him.They finally got him and put him in prison for seven-teen years…


One thought on “THE SCARY MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Hi Aiden,

    Has this ever happened to you? I have often had bad dreams after watching a scary film! (However, it has never come true and the police have never been called after one of my dreams.)
    Your story was well written and I can see that you are using relative clauses well. Next time, try thinking of different ways of starting, so that you avoid repeating starters like, “One day.”

    A very good effort! Keep up the good work,
    Yanalie (Team 100)

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