The Slow Goldfish

On Tuesday I was about to leave for school when I saw a man climbing a ladder outside. But when I looked in his hand he was carrying a big round bowl. I thought that inside it was a brown Goldfish.

I came back from school and noticed that the ladder wasn’t there any more, but on the roof was that same bowl that I saw this morning. I climbed up the gutter and onto the roof of the house and took the box down to the ground. 

As I was walking back to my house I tripped over a stone and the bowl flew over the houses. I never saw that  goldfish again until it slowly made its way back.

One thought on “The Slow Goldfish”

  1. Hi Hannah!
    I like how i could clearly see the special words since they are highlighted red.
    Have you ever had a pet or do you already have one in the present?
    Have you ever been to america or a different country? if so which one is your favorite and why?
    One thing to do is maybe make the last paragraph make more sense because how can you never see it again if it crawls back?
    Come check out my blog!

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