Hi Bob I am your sock. I am complaning that your feet stink and  your feet are all ways telling me to stop complaning.

Hello Bob I am your red sock.I have holes in and you are all ways waking. I do know that I am your favrot sock but give me a brack


Hello I am pinck sock. You have not worn me at all I do whant to be used mor ofen!!!!

I am blew sock and I am so happy that you are wering me pleas keep it up.

Un uxeptball you are killing me. I am green and now you get me mixed up with black sock I hate you end of that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am black sock .You are getting me mixed up with green sock I am never gowing to be worn by you agen!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate greem sock!

Hello I am perpal sock I can not bleev you have lost me bhimd your bed. I am never gowing to be your sock!!! hate you!


Bob was confwesed so this is what he did he put on all of his socks on they were all happy exept from red sock  Bother me said red sock I will never be happy sad!!!

One thought on “THE SOCK”

  1. William, your story was very entertaining and fun. I think that it was a great idea to write from each sock’s perspective, because it made the story conversational and exciting! Outstanding work!

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