The Stick Invasion!

One day there was a big old tree called the Fantasy Oak.Next to the Fantasy Oak tree were stick people doing karate on a Friday afternoon at Central Park .The stick people came from the community centre.They are here because they are doing karate outside for the first time .They are in a happy mood.

3 thoughts on “The Stick Invasion!”

  1. Good job! I like that you told what mood the stick people are/were in. I like that you told where the setting of the post is. You did a good job showing why the stick people were in the pose they were in the prompt. Remember that there is a space after the period, not before.

    1. Thank you Allie sorry I just noticed this comment but anyway thank you for commenting !

  2. Hi,Amelia your story really made me laugh how you put they were in a happy mood.When i do karate I’m in an even worse mood than school.

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