It was a very stormy night and there was crashing waves.
I had to sleep during the storm but I couldn’t because of the
crashing waves and the loud I decided
I would go out side and look at the waves and the lightning.
But as soon as I got out side I realized it was a bad idea.
I felt scared and i wanted to go back in my house but as I
was going back the wind blew and HELP I was in the sea.
I held on to a rock and the material felt like a squid.I fell off.P4

4 thoughts on “THE STORM”

  1. I love that you made this funny. I wish you could of made this bigger. I wonder what happened when she fell in the ocean. Did he/she get killed by a shark (just kidding).? ☔

    1. Hi Mia
      nice work lovely i love the way you told us about your cats and your dog

      from Amelia

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