The Super Duper Cheecky Amelia

One day there was a babysitter called Anna and she had to babysit a baby one day but this was a cheecky baby and her name was Amelia . Amelia would climb up every wall she sees, she would stay there for about 1hr doing a gymnastic pose on a wall.Like one day she could really hurt herself while jumping off.For the children reading this please do not try to do the same as Amelia !.

4 thoughts on “The Super Duper Cheecky Amelia”

  1. Good work! I like the way you put how long Amelia would stay up. Also I like that you put names for each of the characters not just the main character. Remember to add a space after a punctuation mark. Keep up the good work!

  2. That’s a really nice story. The best part that you said children don’t try it. hope you will write more because I would like to read more!!

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