The Swimming Party

It was a sunny day, it was Hannah’s birthday tomorrow and she knew that it was going to be the best day of her life. The day after that, it was Hannah’s birthday and she was going to have a swimming party! After the party, they celebrated with a BBQ! Once a flame came up they all cheered. All the mom’s were wearing dresses. The dad’s were wearing white T-shirt and a tie. The day was ending and Hannah started to open the present she got clothes,chocolate,toys and lots of money to spend.























































2 thoughts on “The Swimming Party”

  1. Hi Nika, good job with your week 8. I liked how you continued with your story from before. The birthday party seemed liked it was a blast! Good writing!

  2. Sorry Nika, I got confused with another girl in Mrs.Wlazlo’s class with you, she also did a party. Apologies.

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