The tale of the boy and the penguin

Today I heard a my doorbell go off and went to see who it was, it was a penguin and it wouldn’t leave me alone. I brung it in and talk to it, it almost replied. I thought it must be lost, so I went to talk to people. They said they live in the South Pole so I tried and sail to the South Pole by using my boat and drop the penguin off and it looked sadder than ever, I thought it must be lonely so I took it home and we weren’t best friends forever.



Today I knocked at a persons door and a small human came out of the door and hoped we can be friends, but the human kepted on ignoring me so I followed hi my around. Once he was gone for a long time and came back again, he brought out a strange raft and put it on water and we sailed to a lonely icy place and I felt sadder than ever. But then he brought me back to his place and we were best friends for life.