The Tale Of The Penguin and the boy

One day I went to a house a nice looking house and a boy answered. He went out the house for a walk so I followed him  (sadly). He walked left and right and left and right but he didn’t say enething . Then we walked to lost and found and he said ” has enewone lost a penguin?” he said no so  he went home and got out a boat and he said  lets go to the north pole so we saild there and he left me there with an umbrela so i  paddled to  him and we found each other and he called me larry and we lived happily ever after.

One thought on “The Tale Of The Penguin and the boy”

  1. Nice post Sam! I like how you made the story quick and simple and didn’t go into a lot of detail. I liked that I could read it very quickly and simply. Nice job!

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