The tale of the two friends

One morning I was watching the television in my cosy house when there was a knock on the door “I wonder who that is I” said to myself. I got to the door and to my shock there was a penguin standing standing there he looked sad so I invited him in. He seemed to like my house so I let him stay for the night. The next morning I realised that he was sad because he missed his home .We went to the harbour to see if a boat would take us to the South Pole but they couldn’t hear us over the loud sound of the boats horn so went and got the paddle boat out of the cupboard. We rowed on and on and on then we finally we reached the South Pole so I helped the penguin out of the boat. But when I was sailing back I felt lonely and sad I kept looking back at the penguin but he was more sad then when he first appeared at my door and the more I looked back the more I thought . Then I realised he was not sad about no time being at home he was lonely so I went back but he was not there I searched and searched but he was not there . I just decided to go home but on my way I saw something in the water as I got closer I could just make out a penguin it was my friend so we went home and lived happily.One day I got bored so I swam across the ocean when I reached the other side there was a house so I pressed the doorbell . When they opened the door there was a boy he looked confused but he said I could come in I liked his house so he let me stay for the night.In the morning he took me out of the house and tried to put me on a big boat luckily they couldn’t hear him so we went home for some reason he went in the cupboard and pulled out a paddle boat we went to the sea and we started to paddle we paddled all the way back to where I used to live he helped me up and then sailed away . I was sad so I paddled after him but he was gone . suddenly I felt someone tugging me it was the boy and we went home we lived happily ever after.