The Tale Of Two Friends!

One day, I went to my front door and saw a little penguin at my doorstep. Well luckily it was Saturday so if I didn’t get the penguin home I would have Sunday as well. I asked my Mum if I could take it home and she actually said yes I didn’t think she would say yes but she did.  My Mum gave me a packed lunch and some fish for the penguin. When we set of it was very warm but I still brought an umbrella just in case it rained. I told it stories and jokes. When we finnaly got there it jumped out and swam away. When I was heading back I saw something floating when I got closer to it I realised it was the penguin he jumped on and I rowed back.

I woke up next to a door of someone’s door I didn’t know how I got there. But I stood there anyway looking very confused. After about 10 minutes a little girl opened the door and saw me standing there. She then went and screamed, “there’s a penguin a the door”. It was so loud some pigeons that were a mile away could here it. Her Mum didn’t come out, but she said she could take me home! I couldn’t wait to get home she told me story’s about animals I liked that. She gave me some fish. Then when we finally got there I jumped out and swam away. It was so fun back at home. When I was floating on my back I saw a really small boat then it got closer and closer and closer. Until I realised it was the little girl. So I hopped in and She took me to her cozy, warm home.

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  1. Hi Amelia! You did an awesome job on your story! I would be really excited if I had a penguin too! I would just recommend working on your punctuation. Other than that, good job!

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