The Tale Of Two Friends Copy

The boys view:

I was playing a game of hide and seek with my friends when I hid behind a tree and found a penguin behind it. I told my friends I was just going to the toilet but secretly I was going to figure out what to do with the penguin. I asked quite a few people if they knew who the penguin belonged to I asked the police I even asked a vet in case it had been microchipped. Nobody knew . By the time I got back to the park it was 5:00pm. When I got home I had tea and then it was time for bed. The next morning I started looking on my laptop to find out more about the penguin. I found out that the penguin lived in a snowy releme so from the garden shed we got my dads little dingy. We took it down to the harbour and of we went. We packed everything we needed including two sleeping bags as we were probably going to be spending a few nights on the boat. Finally after a journey over two long nights and days, BINGO! we had reached our destination. Me ant the penguin said our last goodbyes and of I went. The more I sailed , the more I missed my little penguin friend. I missed him so much that I decided to turn round and find my little guy. I went back to the island but to my dismay the penguin wasn’t there. Mournfully I started to sail back home. Just then I saw a boat or something that looked like a boat . When it go to closer it became clear that it was the penguin. We had been reunited.

The penguins view:

I was just outside my house when I heard a sound of thunder rumbling. All of a sudden a big wave came crashing down on me. When I woke up Ifound myself in a very parculiar place it was all gold and sinky and it got stuck all in my fur. After I had washed my fur in the water I went for a walk. Later that day a boy found me when he was playing a game called hide and seek whatever that was. This boy was very weird as he kept taking my to all these strange places but not at any time did I see another penguin or anywhere cold but I was starting to like this boy. He took good care of me that night . The next day I found myself sitting in a weird thing that the boy called a dingy . It had been a very long journey the next finals the boy stopped at an island it was my home island . The boy said goodbye then of he went . I became very lonely and sad but then I had a great idea I started to sail of to the boy . I turned around and to my surprise I found the boy. We ha dinner been reunited.

A great love story!