The Teacup ride!

One day, someone called Felicia Jones fell through a massive portal that sent her to another world and every thing was gigantic. But she stayed her normal size. She wanted to get out of the gigantic world, she went for a big long walk. While she was walking things started to get smaller and smaller but she wasn’t getting taller. Suddenly she saw lots of tiny teacups and a huge teacup in the middle of them. Felicia saw a little baby rabbit with is so cute and sent her home some how…

2 thoughts on “The Teacup ride!”

  1. Hi Amelia! Awwwwww…… I really liked the cute baby rabbit part! You did a very nice job on your story! You did really good. You could probably make this into a whole book if you wanted to! I really liked how you added a lot of details such as how the things were so large, and how they became smaller and smaller as she walked on.

    Continue keeping up the good work!

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