The Terrible Idea!!

Hi I’m Gru I am a villain one day I went on vacation and I have these little helpers called minions and I let one of them called Bob definitely not in charge cause he asked me,”What if I was in charge.”             But instead I let Kevin be in charge he was a clever boy but this suprised me all he did was either sleep or party so instead of carrying on my vacation I had go back and stay with the minions. I had to tell Kevin off and  but I felt sad for him because my  mom  when I was little she used to tell me off just like I did to Kevin and it was the end of the day goodnight.

One thought on “The Terrible Idea!!”

  1. Hello Nika, you have raised some important issues in your story such as, consequences of choices you make, the impact of being “told off”. Missing full stops made your story a little bit difficult to read but you were still able to show some emotion in your story.

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