The Tied Tiger

My mum and dad had sent me to this BORING high school, they said “It will be good for your education,” . Not only was it BORING it was SCARY to because people said that there was no way to get out of detention and it was so easy to get in to it .If i did not say I hate my old school, if i did not break up with my BFF, if I did not grow up so fast then i would not be here today. Any way cut long story short , you know me i got in to detention , but when i asked to go they said no. I tried to escape but there was a tiger in the way !

5 thoughts on “The Tied Tiger”

  1. Good job Millie! I liked your story, especially the part when the tiger was blocking the entrance. Every part of the story I wanted to know what happened next. Do people actually never get out of detention?

  2. Good Job, but just make sure to use your full stops appropriately, but I would hate a school like that, and I LIKE tigers.

  3. Nice Job Millie, I liked your story. I liked how you set the setting and you really got to the point about how you hated the school. I also like how you incorporated the tiger in your story. Overall: Great Job. Keep Bloggging

  4. Hi Millie,
    I loved your story it was so interesting to read about and it pulled my attention I just wanted to read over and over again. And this is because it had a lot of awesome sentences. For example when you said “Not only was it boring it was scary….” Also when you said “… But when I asked to go they said no.” It was so funny also I really liked it. And guess what I also wrote about a tiger blocking my escape and yes I know that everyone wrote about that but I did also write about that. Next time maybe instead of bolding the whole text just bold the part that was the prompt. Other than that it was an awesome post.
    Happy writing,
    Mackenzie in Illinois
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