One day there was a tiger called jack,jack escaped many of times.  But one day jack escaped again.  and he broke into someones house.This is a story in the boys side.  So i was walkind down the stairs when i heard a massive roar.   my friend was so scared.  We were moving very fast when we heard the door fall down so we hid in my cupboard.Then jack creeped into my room,I jumped out and started calling it loads of names.Until i said”jack” it looked at me and i said sit he sat then my friend came out the cupboard and he was shivering.  He shouted ”TIGER” ten my mum woke up and screamed”WHERE”



5 thoughts on “THE TIGER!!!!!”

  1. Aiden,
    Good to see you doing some writing during your half term break. I hope you’re having a good week! Your story has a clear plot. Am I right is carries on from one of your previous posts? Well done. As I’ve said before, take care with capital letters and placing punctuation – you know where they are required!
    See you on Monday. Enjoy the sunshine!
    Mr. M.

  2. Aiden, Hello from Massachusetts! This is a very suspenseful story. Congrats on writing during your vacation. Excited to learn what happens next!


  3. Aiden

    I really liked your story and how you used punctuation
    to describe it when your talking
    WELL DONE!!!!

  4. Hey Aiden, what a funny story! Yeah sometimes tigers DO escape. I’m so serious I will be actually scared if there is an tiger in my house wow how scary!

    Well done Aiden!!

  5. Aiden,
    I thought your story was interesting and fun to read. Next time, try to capitalize the first letters of any proper noun such as names. Great work!
    Eesha P.

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