The Tree with Big ol’ Smooth Legs

I founded a strange tree in the forest, I didn’t know that it grew LEGS?!! The weird tree spoke “HI THERE, DON’T BE SCARED I WAS ABOUT TO COME UP TO YOU!” I was like….. I just walked off because that tree spoke AND IT TALK STRANGELY. The tree was trying to find me but it couldn’t. I think the tree’s smooth legs looks smoother than my cousin’s legs, at least a tree doesn’t have to wax their “smooth” legs. I came back to the forest and the tree saw me, “Hi strange tree, how could you have smoother legs?”, I said. The tree explained about when he was a human about two years ago.

5 thoughts on “The Tree with Big ol’ Smooth Legs”

  1. Nice job Reena! I really liked how you used a lot of detail. I also liked how you said that the tree had smooth legs. Good job!

  2. Hi Reena! I think that your story is really funny. I like how you made some of the words have all uppercase letters to indicate that the words were spoken or thought loudly.

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