The twisted gun

One Sunday morning my mum and I were walking in town. We were going to go and get some lunch but on the way to get some lunch we saw a statue of a revolver. But it wasn’t a normal statue of a revolver the end of it  was twisted and we stayed and looked at it for a bit it was the best thing I had ever seen. But I can imagine a proper revolver being like that you would have to line your shot up well because the end of the gun is twisted. But in the end we ended having a really nice lunch



One thought on “The twisted gun”

  1. Great use of the prompt this week Alfie! I’d love to know more about why you think the revolver may be twisted and what made it “the best thing you had ever seen”. Try to vary your opening words to each sentence a bit more, try changeing “but” for other similar words (synonyms) like “although” or “however”. Your sentence structure is good, you appear to know when its time to open a new sentence which make your piece easier and more pleasurable to read.

    Keep up the great work!

    from Miri from the UK (Team 100 Word Challenge)

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