The Twisted Trebuchet

The Twisted Trebuchet is an example of serenity. You could stand for hours marvelling the statue of tranquillity, a sign of peace and calm. It stands outside the the government blocks, New York, United States. It was a gift from the rulers to the people, a gift of quietude, a gift of silence. They gave it because they wanted a good place, a BETTER place. They dreamt of no more wars, they dreamt of a flood of peace, a flood of good people, where a sudden wall of gentleness hit the city, a much better place it will be, soon.

One thought on “The Twisted Trebuchet”

  1. Well done Adam! I’m so impressed by the quality of your writing. It is powerful, emotive and relevant. Thank you so much for sharing it with the world.
    Ciara (Team100)

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