The Two Friends

The boy

I was concerned when a penguin turned up on my front doorstep last week. He looked very  lost and sad. I wanted to get him home where he belonged.

We spent a few days together while we were exploring different ideas how to get him home. I really like the penguin but I have being doing a lot of the talking, but he seems to like me. I decided to build  boat as no one else could help me to get the penguin back home. We set sail on Wednesday last week, by Saturday we reached the South Pole. When it came to saying goodbye, my friend the penguin looked very sad. I felt very  miserable because I was alone, then I decided to look for the penguin, suddenly I couldn’t find him. Sadly, I set off home and on the way….I met my friend who is paddling along in an upturned umbrella. I felt very happy then  I gave him a big hug.

The Penguin

I felt very lonely for years so I decided to do something about it two weeks ago. I made the journey from the South Pole to Barking in London as I walked in the streets I suddenly saw a house with a red door it looked like a friendly house. I knocked on the door and a boy answered he looked kindly at me. He invited me into his beautiful house and cooked me some fish fingers. He said I looked sad but I always looked like that. I was feeling happy for the first time in my life. Me and the boy built a boat and I don’t know why, we sailed to the South Pole where I came from he helped to on a ice burg   , he waved goodbye. Perhaps he does not like me so I set sail on the umbrella to find someone else. Then I bumped into the boy again he gave me such a big hug I think he likes me.


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