The Underground Basket.

One evening a boy named Jeff was out riding his bike  when he bumped into something he picked up his bike up and examined  the thing he bumped into, it turned out to be a basket he tried to pick it up but it was stuck in solid, but then a hatch opened  he didn’t know what to do so he crawled in. He was wowed it seemed to be a whole secret base all to himself, so he made himself at home it was a miricale!



He was a mad scientist…..all because of this…..

To be continued. For EPISODE 2 please follow my stories about Jeff!

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  1. Great gob on your post, I really liked your post and I liked you story. Your story really interested me and I ulnderstood it. Overall your post was a great post.

  2. Hi,Fintan i really like how at the end you put be ready for episode 2 follow my stories about jeff

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