The unknown ghosts

Tonight i was out with the woman of my dreams. We had fun together, we played pool, chess, arcade games and more. Someone almost stole her purse so i beated him up, he must be drunk. But i saw some one with a computer and he was playing around with commands. I wonder what hes typing… But then i saw him type, c:\summon coded_ghosts             He entered the command, Are you sure? Y\N            He went for yes and random ghosts summoned “EEEEEEAAAAAAKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!” she screamed. But there were harmless but he typed, c:\make the coded_ghosts attack          an entered the command. Then the ghosts started attacking us, everyone screamed and then he typed, c:\make coded_ghosts dissapear         Then it sayed       not a valid code So then they started to get faster. “YOU IDIOT TURN THE CONNETION OFF”  Then he did and the ghosts slowed down. I snatched the computer off him and typed   c:\delete system_32 and clicked yes………….. The computer turned off but the world turned off……..


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  1. Hey Max! I just Ed wanted to say loved your story and how you incorporated the prompt with ghosts. My story also had ghosts in it. Do you enjoy writing ghost stories, because your great at it!

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