The Unknown item ?

This is something small, precious and gold I got it from my mum. I hide it in the mini library in my house. I like it very much. It is one of my most prized items i have. There is another thing I would like to talk about. It is a small thing that has two little screens. You can play games on it and you can also use it to take pictures. I like both of them because I got them on special occasions. Try and guess what they are Because I didn’t tell you in my my 100 word challenge writing.

3 thoughts on “The Unknown item ?”

  1. Hey Mattis! I really liked how you used details to describe your object. I’m not really farmiliar with the first one, but is the second one a DS? I don’t know if it is right or not, but you still described them really well, and I would like to find out what they are!

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