The Unknown Woods

One dark gloomy night me and my friends were out at the park playing football, until my friend, Harry, had a  shot and ‘BOOM’ the ball went into a bush. But when we went to find it, it was almost as if the bush pulled us in. Suddenly, we landed in this woods it was quite creepy at first. Until we heard a weird voice saying a riddle ‘take two steps left then  10  steps forward, out into the night’. So we solved the riddle and found ourselves standing in front of a creature standing in a black cloak and hoodie he said ‘you have solved the riddle my freinds’ we took a few steps closer and…

2 thoughts on “The Unknown Woods”

  1. I enjoyed reading your post. I really liked how you ended your story unfinished. It really made me think at imagine what happened to you and Harry. The ending made me want to keep reading. Great Job!

  2. I really like your story, it was cool how you made it scary. Also, I enjoyed reading because of all your detail.

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