The weird reflection

I was on a walk though the park when I was the most strangest thing I had ever seen. I looked across the water and I saw my reflection shinning in the water. The only thing was it looked like I was sinking into the water. I told my  big sister so she looked across the water at her reflection but she looked as normal as ever. Suddenly I felt something or someone grab my leg and the next thing I new I was in the water. So my sister jumped in to. After that we found each other drifting to the bottom of the water!

5 thoughts on “The weird reflection”

  1. Great work Amy! I love the way you used the simile. It really showed how you felt. The word suddenly tells me something unexpectedly happens. You’re right it is weird. What do you think might’ve grabbed your leg?

  2. Hi Amy! I liked how you added suspense to the story. Your story was also short but still very good. I would rate your story 10/10 stars.

  3. Hi i am Julieann and I am in stillwater and I love how you made your story small and great. I will rate yours a 10 out of 10. I think you could put some taiking in your story. I think you can make great storys if you like. I wish you a happy year.

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