The Weird Shop

I was in the shopping centre and I saw a weird shop with a statue in front of the door. The shape of the statue was a revolt gun but it was twisted and all my friends were feeling very funny about it because they thought it was a giraffe that has just twisted his neck. It was a cool shop but we were afraid of the statue so we just passed that shop and looked into smiggle for new stuff for year 6 so we brought very colourful stationary.

2 thoughts on “The Weird Shop”

  1. Hi Nika,
    What an interesting thought – the twisted gun looking like a Giraffe that had twisted it’s neck. That would make me feel funny too! I like the way that your writing leaves us wondering what was actually in the weird shop. You made it easy to relate to saying that you went to Smiggle – we have Smiggle in NZ too.
    Keep up the writing.
    Kerry Horan (Team 100WC)
    Morrinsville, New Zealand

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