The Wood Worriers

One day there lived a whole army  and there was a king and his name was will short  for William. and they wanted to go to the woods to scere people so the whole army went to the wood and there were no people so they went into a huddle. they said “should we stay in a huddle and then supprise them” yes” so they stayd there and then they heard foot steps one pirsen looked and it was sir BOB oh no  we must get him so they all struggle to get him then the king got him and they lived hapilly ever after.


One thought on “The Wood Worriers”

  1. Nice job Sam! I liked how you referred to the king in the beginning of the story, and then later referred back to King William to make him a big help in the situation. J dieting thyink King a William was an important character, but apparently he is.

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